Meet the 2004 America's Safest Companies

Anheuser-Busch Inc., St. Louis, Mo.: Beer, flavored alcoholic beverages and energy drinks; 13,000 employees at 12 breweries. "Our EHS vision incorporates five elements: an accident-free workplace; zero personal injuries outside of work; environmental excellence and stewardship; a healthy and physically fit work force; and protecting our employees and products from industrial security risks."

Bell Helicopter, Fort Worth, Texas: Helicopters and vertical lift rotorcraft; 8,000 employees at 12 locations. "Excellent EHS performance is good for business."

DeFabCo Inc., Columbus, Ohio: Industrial contractor; 50 workers at one location. "Safety is everyone's responsibility and safety rules must be observed and enforced. Violations of safety rules will not be tolerated, regardless of one's position within the company."

Denark Construction Inc., Knoxville, Tenn.: Construction; 100 workers. "Denark believes that its employees are its greatest asset. In implementing a safety program, everyone must buy in and agree to the safety culture."

DSM Desotech Inc., Elgin, Ill.: Specialty chemical manufacturer; 300 employees at four sites. "All accidents can be prevented...we set all main indicators at zero to send a clear message that we do not want any incidents."
Energy Northwest, Richland, Wash.: Electricity; Over 1,000 employees at four power generating plants. "Core values are the beliefs that guide our daily activities. We believe that the application of these values is essential to our success: teamwork, excellence, accountability and mutual respect and trust achieved through open, honest communication."

Ford, Bacon & Davis, Baton Rouge, La.: Chemical engineering and procurement company; 450 employees at five offices and 25 worksites. "FB&D employees are empowered to halt or call to a halt any activity that they feel poses a danger to their own or a fellow employees health and/or safety."

Freudenberg-NOK, Plymouth, Mich.: Automotive sealing and noise, vibration and harshness products; 5,600 employees at 37 facilities in North America. "We realize there isn't a 'silver bullet' in accident prevention and safety must be driven from the top-down in an organization."
Inland Printing Co., La Crosse, Wisc.: Commercial printing; 200 full-time and 40 part-time employees at three sites. "Inland Printing Co.'s safety and health policy is based on this simple premise: 'We are all members of the Inland Safety Team.'"

Milliken & Co., Spartanburg, S.C.: Textiles and chemicals; 10,000 employees in the United States. "Ultimately, safety in Milliken & Co. is beyond program status. It is a true, daily-managed process."

Monsanto Co., St. Louis, Mo.: Agricultural products; 13,000 workers worldwide with 134 sites in the United States. "If we were an average-performing company, an additional 3,400 employees and contract employees would have been hurt and some of those would have been fatalities. Through our efforts, a lot of pain and suffering has been reduced."

Packerland-Plainwell Inc., Plainwell, Mich.: Meatpacking;1,2000 workers. "Intelligent, trained and motivated employees are any company's greatest asset. Our success in safety depends upon the men and women in our company."
Rohm and Haas, Philadelphia, Pa.: Specialty materials company; 17,000 workers at more than 100 manufacturing, technical research and customer service sites in more than 27 countries. "Years of experience in our factory life have proven beyond a doubt that the best way to protect our welfare is to base our employee relations not on printed rules and verbal promises but on a genuine, mutual friendship." – Otto Haas, 1955. Reaffirmed by John Haas in 2002 at a company symposium on sustainability.

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp., Chicago, Ill. and St. Louis, Mo.: Paperboard and packaging; 35,000 employees at 260 sites in North America. "All injuries are preventable. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Working safely is a condition of employment. Training employees to work safely is essential."
Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, Texas: Semiconductors, sensors and controls; 36,000 employees in 33 locations worldwide. "Success with EHS reduces risk and distractions. This helps us maintain and grow a profitable business over the long term."
Washington Group International, Boise, Idaho: Integrated engineering, construction and management; 27,000 employees in over 40 states and more than 30 countries. "An unsafe workplace not only harms the health of employees, it also has a negative affect on our ability to perform the work profitably. Our safety record is a critical factor as to why our clients award us work on their major projects."