Your Risk Management Solution

Since 1996, Safety Works has been a leader in the Risk Management Industry in the South Bay; providing risk assessments and regulatory compliance services for Industry within the state of California.

Our team of risk management experts, risk assessment consultants and technicians are available to assist and guide you with every step of the way, ensuring your facility a healthy environment while getting your company in complaince with Local, State and Federal Health and Safety Regulations.
Measuring, valuing, and pricing risks is the heart of many businesses today. Fortunately, decision making in the presence of risk is becoming a more and more rational task. Once you have identified, quantified and measured these risk factors, you can use the results for more confident decision making – and more profitable outcomes. Inability to effectively manage operational risk -- the risk of loss caused by failures in your internal processes, people and systems - has significant legal, financial and compliance implications in your organization. Safety Works training and services enables you to control operational risk by quickly identifying the root cause of weaknesses in existing processes, or catch them before they do damage in new initiatives.
Risk, complexity and uncertainty define today's business environment. Intense competition, globalisation, changing customer expectations, new technologies, regulatory requirements, financial volatility and countless other factors compel organisations to drive, as well as manage, change. By addressing the changing needs of today's business leaders, our Risk Management professionals are able to help organisations identify, assess, and manage complex issues and risks across the whole enterprise or within any part of it. We provide solutions to minimise hazard, resolve uncertainty and maximise opportunity.
Business owners face a big challenge today: achieving a safe workplace and managing risk effectively. Management, education and compliance are essential to minimizing risk, improving employee health and safety and reducing the high cost of claims and workers' compensation insurance. Safety Works teams of dedicated professionals work with you to:

1. Provide fully-insured workers' compensation insurance coverage through an A-rated carrier.
2. Help you meet the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) standards.
3. Understand workers' compensation laws and related loss prevention techniques.

Our Risk Management program includes the following components:

1. Liability Management
2. Safety and Loss Prevention
3. Periodic safety visits and training
4. OSHA compliance assistance
5. OSHA 200 log maintenance (and the OSHA 300 log when the new rule becomes effective)
6. Customized safety manual
7. Workers' Compensation Claims Management

We also provide:

Timely responsiveness to the injured worker and client inquiries. Accident investigation when necessary. Aggressive return-to-work programs and Inspections, reports and data tracking.

Drug-Free Workplace Programs - Drug abusing employees experience 300 percent higher medical costs; are three times more likely to be late for work and 2.5 times more likely to have absences of eight or more days.


Safety Works is your choice for complete on-site safety assessments to identify hazards and exposures in your operations that could result in injury to employees.

We can also provide training on OSHA regulations and safety procedures.

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