The director of a child care facility shall assure that there shall be at least one adult in attendance at all times who has current proof of training in Pediatric First Aid and CPR, including rescue breathing and first aid for management of choking accepted training for Pediatric First Aid and CPR. CPR training must be renewed annually and remain current throughout the licensing period. Pediatric First Aid training must be renewed every two years and remain current throughout the licensing period.


A criminal record clearance on all adults providing direct
care and supervision to children and any other adults
residing in the facility.
Tuberculosis tests of all caregivers.
Health and safety standards in the home or center.
Certain adult-to-child ratios and group sizes depending
on the size of the facility.
Health, safety, and CPR training for caregivers.
Educational qualifications for center-based staff.

First Aid Training - Lectures, interactive video demonstrations, discussions and hands-on training teach participants how to:

Recognize emergency situations.
Check the scene and call for help.
Avoid bloodborne pathogen exposure.
Care for wounds, bone and soft-tissue injuries, head and spinal injuries, burns, and heat and cold emergencies.
Manage sudden illnesses, stroke, seizure, bites and poisoning.
Minimize shock.
Adult / Infant & Child CPR - Focusing on CPR skills only, this course teaches participants how to:

Recognize and care for breathing and cardiac emergencies in infants, children and adults.
Call and work with EMS.
Find and correct potential hazards in the home.
Prepare for emergency situations.
Stay healthy by reducing lifestyle risks of heart disease.

In children and infants, major reasons that heartbeat and breathing stop include drowning, suffocation, choking, head trauma or serious injury, excessive bleeding, electrical shock, poisoning, and lung disease.

CPR and FIRST AID are the cornerstone of all forms of first responder health care. SAFETY WORKS is a training site offering a variety of safety courses that meet the training requirments for child care providers.

SAFETY WORKS can therefore offer the highest level of training available to child care providers in FIRST AID & BLS/CPR. All courses are available at SAFETY WORKS in TORRANCE, CA. However, to better meet your needs training can also be conducted at your establishment.

For information or to schedule classes call 310) 542-0594.

Private & Public Classes Available.
Meets OSHA & Nationally Recognized Guidelines.
Spanish Speaking Classes Also Available.