Safety Works can deliver high-quality on-site safety training programs & seminars for your employees and supervisors that meet OSHA regulations and is pertinent, attention-grabbing, and economical.

Safety Works offers on-site training classes in most every OSHA topic you can think of. We utilize the latest teaching techniques and audio-visual aids to deliver needed information to your workers and their supervisors in a professional manner.


Are you employed by a small to midsized company? Is one of your many responsibilities the health and safety compliance of your business and employees? If so, one of the hats that you wear with your employer is that of Compliance Manager. Unfortunately, most small to midsize companies do not have the resources to hire full time Safety Professionals to meet these needs. Therefore, they shift this responsibility to a shop manager, HR supervisor or some other capable person who is already overworked and buried in tasks. If this is you, we understand what you are going through. It’s a huge responsibility - now you are charged with immediately understanding every regulatory agency and how their regulations apply to your company.

Every employer wants to have a safe workplace. The risk of injury to an employee or customer is frequently enough to convince an employer to take appropriate steps to maintain a safe place of business. A federal law known as the Occupational Safety and Health Act(OSHA) was enacted in 1970 to address the uneven patchwork of state laws regarding workplace safety, and to respond to the growing number of serious injuries and deaths occurring in the workplace. All businesses have a duty to comply with some general rules under what's called a general duty clause.
Absent an accident, a California business owner isn't likely to be visited by federal health and safety inspectors very often, if at all. Unfortunately, if an accident does occur and you're found to be in violation of applicable safety rules, the consequences of the accident can be compounded. Not only must you bear the consequences of the accident (such as being unable to meet your obligations to customers), you may also have to pay government fines and other costs. So don't roll the dice, it's worthwhile to have a general understanding of the legal underpinning of the safety standards that apply to almost every employer.
Simple Steps to OSHA Heath & Safety Compliance

There is an easy way to ensure your company is in compliance - and there is a hard way. Find out the secrets of easy compliance by calling Safety Works today at (310) 542-0594 - our representatives will contact you with the information you have requested. SAFETY WORKS will come to you. All of our standard training programs are offered on a contractual basis at your location, or we can customize our programs to fit your needs. We bring course materials and instructors to your location, at a time to fit your schedule and a price to fit your budget. Or, you can come to our training center located in Torrance, CA today!

Look no further! You can count on the OSHA Compliance Specialists at SAFETY WORKS to help you meet all of your OSHA training objectives. You need to focus on business. We’re here to help you with safety compliance. We’ll work with you to learn about your requirements and deliver what you need. The more practical and cost- effective we make our solutions, the more likely they are to be implemented. That's how we can help keep your employees safe.

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